Valentine Soiree Date Auction

We are excited you are interested in the opportunity to auction yourself for a date and support No Kid Hungry. 

Mark your calendar for the Valentine Soiree on Feb 11, 2022 at Mirus Gallery, 1144 N Broadway, Denver, CO.

Tell us about yourself and why you want to be part of this date auction. BE SURE TO FILL THIS OUT FROM A COMPUTER. IT DOES NOT WORK ON A PHONE. Email [email protected] if you do not have a computer to upload through.

For those who get chosen to be in the auction in 2023, there is a $100 fee to cover your food, hair and make up and promotions. What You Receive in Addition to an Amazing Date:

- You will be auctioned with an activity to do on the date, ie. dinner for two, private aphrodisiac cooking... (activity value usually min $50, date priceless. ;) )

- VIP ticket to the Valentine Soiree which includes the Single Mingle (Feb 2) and How to Love and Be Loved Workshop (Jan 29) (Value $94)

- A class on how to walk and present yourself on stage. (Value $47)

- VIP Ticket to the Valentine Soiree (Value $300)

- Visibility on social media platform of over 50,000 followers. (Value $500)

 Total value of gifts over $1000!


Be ready to arrive at 2pm on the day of the event as we are also planning to coordinate an opportunity to get your hair and make up done professionally.



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Question 1 of 18

Please upload one photo we should use on your profile. You can submit 1-3 more photos for your profile by emailing them to [email protected]


Question 2 of 18

For what reason would you like to be a part of the date auction for the Valentine Soiree?

Question 3 of 18

How did you find out about this date auction? Who told you about it?

Question 4 of 18

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Question 5 of 18

How old are you?

Question 6 of 18

What gender do you identify as? Male, female or other and please specify.

Question 7 of 18

What type of relationship and partner are you wanting?

Question 8 of 18

Describe your ideal date.

Question 9 of 18

If you could be any superhero, what kind would you be and for what reason?

Question 10 of 18

We either ask all auctionees to answer a question on stage or have them perform a talent to help the audience get to know you and keep things entertaining. Do you have any special talents you could share in 30-60 seconds on stage? OR what would be a good question to ask you?

Question 11 of 18

Are there any topics you are sensitive about that would be best not to mention when we introduce you on stage?

Question 12 of 18

What are your three favorite songs? (We may pick one for you to enter stage with.)

Question 13 of 18

What else would you like to share with us?

Question 14 of 18

What is your phone number?

Question 15 of 18

What contact information is it ok to provide your date so they can plan the date with you?

Question 16 of 18

What is the link to your Facebook profile and any other major social media profiles you use?

Question 17 of 18

Events always feel best when our friends are involved. In order for ourselves and everyone to have a better experience and make greater impact, we request everyone participating help promote the event. The following are the types of promotions we request. Please check all that you are able to do.

(Select all that apply)

Post about the event on social media at least two times beforehand. Please check our Valentine Soiree Team Facebook group for sample copy and memes you are welcome to use.


Personally invite at least 10-20 people through an individual invitation either via in person conversation, private messaging, email or phone.


Send an email to your email list. We understand some of you may not have one.


Connect us with any media connections you have.

Question 18 of 18

By digitally signing my name below I agree if chosen to be in the auction to commit to coming to rehearsal or connecting with one of the leads to practice with them, sharing the event on social media, arriving at your scheduled call time on the day of the event, and following through with being in the date auction. I also understand that by performing this role I am representing the Valentine Soiree, No Kid Hungry, Avital Miller, Avital's businesses and all other partners associated with this event, and I will conduct myself in a professional manner as such. 

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