Valentine Soiree Volunteer Application

Congratulations on your desire to join a high vibe team and support a great charity!

You get to contribute to making the Valentine Soiree a greater experience and helping uplift an entire community as we donate to no Kid Hungry and feed the kids of America.

Volunteer opportunities start now and include helping organize our team and auction items, creating an app, ushering, check in, delivering donations and event equipment, set up, clean up...

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What has inspired you to volunteer for the Valentine Soiree?

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Please describe your past experiences volunteering at events or performances.

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Please choose ALL of the following activities you feel you would be able to support:

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Love Potion Making on Feb 4 anytime between 12-8pm in Aurora to package gifts, assemble silent auction baskets, and pre prep event decorations.


Help deliver silent auction or gift bag items to Aurora anytime between now and Feb 4.


Auction Website: Jan 15-Feb 1: Help us enter all auction donations and sale items into auction software.


On Feb 11 at 11am pick up event decorations, gift bags, silent auction baskets, posters, other furniture... from Aurora and deliver to Space Gallery.


Set Up Chair Lead: Be available for walk through during the week before Feb 11, meeting for planning beforehand, set up 2-6pm on Feb 11. Includes managing the team setting up chairs, moving tables, decorating, hanging posters, setting up various displays, helping direct all team members to where they need to go...


Feb 11, 2-6pm: Set Up: Includes setting up chairs, moving tables, decorating, hanging posters, setting up various displays... Must be present for the full set up time. You are welcome to change clothes at the venue.


Check In/Out Chair: Manage the team and flow of the check in process as well as helping people close out sales, auction items and get gift bags. Need to be familiar with all the things happening at the evening and silent auction software. Will need to stay at check in/out area the whole evening. Might also need to help people in line outside. Make nobody drives drunk or leaves with open alcohol drinks. We want everyone safe!


Check In/Out for the whole evening: You will want to have good customer service skills, ease with technology, ability to think quickly and handle a lot of things at once. Might also need to help people in line outside.


Information Booth: 2pm - 12:30am, Know the ins and outs of the event and people, how our sales and silent auction technology works, good customer service, quick problem solving skills


Ushering: About 6-11pm -helping people find seats, encouraging people to move to seats midrow, moving chairs, directing traffic, keeping aisle clear for models to walk runway...


Parking/Directing Traffic: About 5-8pm, help cars outside find the parking lot, check tickets, and organize parking


Store Chair: 2pm - 12:30am - Process sales at store of various types of products and manage the sales team. Help close out silent auction bids. set up and take down table.


Store Checkout: Must arrive by 5pm at event, process sales and be knowledgeable of a variety of products


Silent Auction support: 2:30pm-11pm, set up, table maintenance, encouraging people to auction, helping record live bidding...


Green Room Manager: 2pm-10:30pm, Make sure all models, date auctionees, and sponsors get HMU at their scheduled time, Keep everyone in the entertainment on time for when they need to go to stage, make sure everyone in green rooms is warm, has food and water...


Dressing models: 3pm-7pm - Help models get dressed.


Clean Up: midnight -2am -move furniture to put it away, load cars, wash the venue down and eat the leftover food. ;)


Create a simple app beforehand for a game at Valentine Soiree.


Celebrity Host: Pick up and drive to airport plus run errands for out of town guests and celebrities.


Phone Train: Help manage communications with event team members and guests anytime between now and Feb 15.

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Anything else you would like to share with us?

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By digitally signing my name below I agree to commit to the volunteering job I am assigned. If for some reason you have an emergency and cannot make it, you also commit to finding a replacement for your role. This is not a replacement for a ticket to the Valentine Soiree or any of our other events. If you would like to participate in one of those events or in the Valentine Soiree when you are not volunteering, you are invited to purchase tickets at I also understand that by performing this role I am representing the Valentine Soiree, No Kid Hungry, Avital Miller, Avital's businesses and all other partner associated with this event, and I will conduct myself in a professional manner as such. 

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