Valentine Soiree Designer Application

Being a fashion designer for the Valentine Soiree on Feb 11, 2023 is a very unique experience as you have the opportunity to create designs for sponsors and fulfill their dream of walking a runway! Your customer service skills feel rewarded as you help people feel beautiful and inspire creativity. AND this is for a good cause to help feed our hungry children in this country.

Last year we had over 250 people at the event, media attention and Avital's social media platform has an outreach to over 50,000 people where we will highlight your designs.

Being a designer for the Valentine Soiree also means you get to join a community of high powered entrepreneurs and be a part of an exciting extravaganza. We can provide you professional photography, videography, hair and make up, models plus compensation to cover the cost of your materials. We will also post your designs on a social media platform reaching over 50,000 viewers. Total value of all of these gifts is over $4000! 

Please fill this out on a COMPUTER as it does not work on a phone and do so by Nov 17, 2022.

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If you have any questions, you can contact Avital at [email protected] or 503-307-3756.

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Full Name

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This is a black tie event with a devil and angel theme. Event colors are red, white, gold and black. What is one of your NEW design concepts for this event? Please upload an image showing the design sketch or graphic. 

(Please note this does not work on a phone. Please start this application over on a computer to upload files.

Any files too large to upload here can be emailed to [email protected].)


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Please upload another new event design image.


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Please upload a high resolution image of your logo. If you do not have one then just upload any image that obviously is not a logo so we do not use it.


Question 5 of 28

Please upload a photo of a design you have created in the past that is close to the black tie devil and angel theme so we can use that for promotions and showing samples of your past work to sponsors.


Question 6 of 28

Please upload a second photo to show your past designs for promotions. Feel free to email additional photos to [email protected].


Question 7 of 28

What is inspiring you to design for the Valentine Soiree?

Question 8 of 28

How did you get into being a designer and what is your background with being a designer?

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Designer/Business Name

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Facebook Profile Link

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Snail Mail Address

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What is unique about your designs, how you create them and how you work with people?

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4-5 Sentence Bio and Description of your work

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Would you like to design accessories along with each outfit and which ones, ie. shoes, jewelry, purse...?

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Would you make formal wear for: (check all that apply)

(Select all that apply)






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Where would sponsors need to go to get measured and try on their outfits?

Question 20 of 28

What is your approximate cost of materials per full outfit including accessories? Please specify if a different investment for men's and women's formal wear.

Question 21 of 28

Are you prepared to tune into what the sponsor wants and make sure they are excited with the final product? Do you have experience creating outfits for individuals?

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We will schedule a required rehearsal during the week before the event, have deadlines to get design drawings if the sponsor is getting their shoes and jewelry elsewhere, request your runway music and stage intro by Jan 9, and ask you to arrive early on the day of the event to help your team get ready and be ready yourself to meet and greet at the VIP cocktail. Would you be willing to follow through with all of these requirements and let us know well in advance if any issues come up with meeting them?

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Each designer may end up with a mix of pieces in the show for their models with outfits that you invest in and keep, and outfits created for sponsors where we cover the cost of materials and the sponsor keeps the outfit. How many pieces total would you like in the show? (We typically want 10 designs from each designer with at least five of them being for sponsors.)

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How many sponsor outfits can you make? Most sponsors will be ready to start in October and November and we would ask for those design drawings by November 30 if they need to work with the jewelry and shoe designers separately.

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What is the last date you can start working on a sponsor outfit?

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Events always feel best when our friends are involved. Networking seems to be more effective when done by word of mouth. In order for ourselves and everyone to have a better experience and make greater impact, we request everyone participating help promote the event. The following are the types of promotions we request. Please check all that you are able to do.

(Select all that apply)

Post about the event one social media at least two times beforehand. We will give you sample copy and memes you are welcome to use.


Personally invite at least 10-20 people through an individual invitation either via in person conversation, private messaging, email or phone.


Send an email to your email list. We understand some of you may not have one.


Connect us with any media connections you have.

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Would you like a booth to display your designs at the event? You would be required to arrive at the venue by 3pm or earlier on the day of the event to set up and would need to bring your own coat racks.


Yes please. :)


No thank you.

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What is the best way to get in touch with you? ie. phone calls, text, facebook messenger, email...

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